Take Home Pay Calculator

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Take home pay calculator will calculate your take home pay using our salary calculator. Enter your salary above.

Take home pay is the money you, as an employee, receive in your bank account each payroll period. The payroll period for most employees is typically weekly or monthly.

So why does your take home pay feel so much lower than your headline salary?

The short answer is it is lower.

Your employer subtracts a number of deductions from your salary to get to your take home pay.

These deductions include taxes such as income tax and national insurance contributions.

If you have recently been in full time education you may have student loan deductions that come out of your salary too.

Another example is if your employer provides you with an employee loan. Any repayments of that loan will be a deduction from your salary.

The take home point or the take away point is the most important point to note. It’s no different with your take home pay which is the money you actually get paid after all deductions.

Calculate your take home pay with our take home pay calculator.

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