Top 5 tips for small business grant applications


There are lots of small business grants available but often eligibility is limited to specific geographic regions, industries or the business applying for a grant has to qualify based on thresholds for revenue or employee numbers. Check the eligibility criteria.

Funding gap

Government grants or local authority grants are often match funded. That means the grant is only for a portion of the total project cost. The small business applying for the grant must therefore fund any difference itself.


Unfortunately, no one is going to just hand over funds on a whim. You need to take your time and put the effort into submitting a robust application. Get the details right.


Accountants and patent lawyers, although an added cost, will help ensure that your case for a grant stacks up which will increase the likelihood of success.


Grant applications are not an overnight decision for the organisation awarding the grant. Public sector organisations need to do their due diligence and be fair to all applicants so the decision making process can take time. Be patient.

Next steps

Check out the government’s comprehensive list of finance and support for your business.