Wage calculator

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Find out how much is really in your wage packet with our wage calculator.

You work hard all week and at the end of it you get your wages. Seems like a fair, transparent agreement between an employer and an employee.

Your wage or wages is exactly that, a regular payment for work or services, normally paid on a daily or weekly basis.

Before you head off down the pub to spend your wages, have you ever considered how exactly your wages are calculated? Even though you agree a wage with your employer of say £400 per week, you will probably only get £300 at the end of the week.

Where does the other £100 go?

There is a third party in the agreement who doesn’t get a mention at the beginning of the work. The tax man!

HMRC hoovers up the other £100. It’s your employer’s responsibility to pay HMRC your income tax and national insurance contributions on your behalf. They do this through the Pay As You Earn system.

Experiment with your wages and use our wage calculator to see what the tax man takes out of your wage packet.